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SeaHeroQuest project overview and research findings

UCL, lunch hour lecture: "What goes on in the mind of a London Cabbie?"

UPenn, Brains on Show: Neuroscience in the Visual Arts"

Art / Architecture

A sculptural video installation created by Michaela Nettell, Tom Simmons and Prof. Hugo Spiers, which explores the recall of memory via 'pattern completion'.

A Guardian podcast on the 'pattern completion' project.

A theatre production created by Jonathan Young and Time Won't Wait which explores the experience of recalling the past, where Prof. Hugo Spiers acted as science advisor.


Prof. Hugo Spiers interviewed on BBC Radio 4: What Has Sat-Nav Done to Our Brains?

Prof. Hugo Spiers and Lorelei Howard talk about navigation in Soho for Naked Scientists on Radio 5 Live.

Prof. Hugo Spiers and Mo Costandi discuss the science of amnesia portrayed in Christopher Nolan's film Memento.

Prof. Hugo Spiers and Will Self Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme.

Prof. Hugo Spiers interviews the artist Antoni Malinowski about his conception of space.


The Economist article on Sea Hero Quest: Growing up in a city weakens the brain’s navigational skills.

New Scientist article on Sea Hero Quest: People who grow up outside of cities have a better sense of direction.

Prof. Hugo Spiers inverviewed by the Guardian about his research.

Karl Pilkington talks about his brain scan with Prof. Hugo Spiers.

Russia 1 interviews Prof. Hugo Spiers about London taxi drivers.

BBC interview article on taxi drivers.